Sonic Wind -- A Sonic the Hedgehog Fansite

This is where various fan-created writings are held.

One-shot fics by Chibi...

  • Gameverse works:
    • True Blue: A brief ficlet from Sonic's point of view.
    • Failure: Eggman has all the emeralds. He has also trounced the blue blur. But as long as Sonic is still alive, our hedgehog hero won't give up... will he?
    • Deeply Ironic: A short one-shot about irony and shounen-ai.
    • Because of My Weakness: Amy is dead, dead, dead. Shadow is Not Pleased, and fully intends on showing Sonic that. AU, quite obviously.
    • Concerning Shadow-bots: A series of five goofy shorts, obviously concerning Shadow-bots. Sonic Heroes spoilers ahead.
  • Archine Comicverse works:
    • Some Girls Like Yaoi: Comicverse fic. Of flirtatious hedgehogs, fire ant mentors, and surprising revelations about one's girlfriend.

Chibi's longer works...

  • Unfamiliar Memories
    An alternate timeline fic. One change in the distant past creates a radically different world for our hedgehog hero. In a relatively peaceful world, what will he do? Would he be blissfully unaware of his potential? Or would he remember a life of adventure he never lived? Only one way to find out...
    • Prologue: Enter Alice
    • Chapter One: Down the Rabbit Hole
    • Chapter Two: The Tea Party
    • Chapter Three: The White Rabbit and the Cheshire Bat
    • Chapter Four: Escaping the Red Queen
    • Chapter Five: Alice Awakes
    • Epilogue: Through the Looking Glass

  • Updates
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